Selangor, Malaysia
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source : WOBB Sdn. Bhd.

This job gives you an opportunity to implement and provide support for the SMURPS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and other business technology solutions on the SMURPS platform.

The Analyst will analyze systems and work directly with our clients to define business requirements, design and propose technology solutions, configure the software, and train and support system users.

Responsibilities include : Identify the client's specific business requirements by conducting needs analysis and understanding pain points in the client’s existing business processes-

Design, recommend, and implement effective technology solutions that will improve the client's business functionality and overall performance-

Resolve gaps in system capabilities by measuring and configuring the application to further enhance the system's functions and features-

Develop standard project documentations and templates-Provide training and user acceptance test support to system users-Manage data migration and system go-

live activities-Provide post-implementation support to system users

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