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Business Unit :

Citi AML Monitoring & Investigations :

  • AML Monitoring & Investigations mitigates money laundering and terrorist financing risks for Citi and its customers in the global marketplace.
  • It uses skilled analysts, state-of-the-art technology and globally standard policies and procedures to ensure effective monitoring and reporting of suspicious activities

    Purpose of Role :

  • Monitoring of corporate and / or retail banking client transactions to detect any suspicions of money laundering. Decision-
  • making on when to escalate or close a case

    Key responsibilities :

  • Serving as Subject Matter Expert for multiple products in the analysis of alerts and investigation of transactional activities to detect any suspicions of money laundering or terrorist financing activity
  • Providing training and mentoring to analysts on investigative techniques, internal systems, products, money laundering policies and regulations
  • Conducting searches, gathering data and recording evidence from Citi internal systems, the Internet, commercial databases and enquiries from Business or Compliance contacts within Citi
  • Accumulating facts from investigations to be utilized in presentations to Senior Management and Compliance
  • Reporting unusual client activities which might relate to money laundering or terrorist financing
  • Reviewing Analysts’ recommendations for further enquiry, escalation or closure
  • Submitting requests for further information or suspicious activity recommendations
  • Authorizing closure of cases
  • Performing peer review of investigations to ensure appropriate disposition was recommended by analyst
  • Supporting the successful accomplishment of internal Risk and Control, and Self-Assessment (RCSA) policies as they apply to the department
  • Implementing integrated processes and procedures aimed at meeting internal and external regulatory or policy guidance
  • Conducting alert investigation using global standard policies, procedures and tools aimed at meeting internal and external regulatory requirements
  • Operating within agreed business SLAs and confidentiality standards
  • Advocating for the business in matters relating to Compliance and / or Audit
  • Maintaining a proactive curiosity and pursue investigations to a higher degree of diligence than normally required for the standard due diligence
  • Supporting implementation of new products during UAT of systems and processes
  • Building and applying knowledge of money laundering processes
  • Qualifications

    Skills and competencies :

  • A person in this role has a passion for uncovering the truth and exposing potential criminal activities. He / she has a genuine interest in the news and current affairs with the ability of cross referencing them during investigations.
  • He / she is methodical, analytical, open minded and have the desire to thoroughly and accurately research, extract, compile and connect information from various sources

    Additional requirements :

  • Good knowledge of English and high standard of written and oral communication skills
  • Strong analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Good at decision making
  • Demonstrated initiative and creativity in problem solving
  • Development Value :

  • building AML expertise
  • Good understanding of Windows applications (Word, Excel, etc.) and Internet & commercial database searches
  • Experience :

  • Required : Total 3 - 5 years’ of working experience, preferably in banking industry
  • 1 year experience in AML Monitoring
  • Understanding of AML Monitoring Processes
  • Qualifications :

  • Banking / Finance / Business background
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently, interact effectively, with different levels of management and to operate with excellent corporate work ethics (timely, honest, respectful and considerate to co-workers)
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