Assistant Legal Manager
Telco & IT
Kuala Lumpur, MY
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Responsibilities :

Assist Management by providing guidance, support and legal advice to Customers through all phases of transactions including :

  • i) Provide assistance to the Customers in structuring of contractual documents and obligations, conduct due diligence, drafting, reviewing and finalising contracts and legal documents referred to by the Customers;
  • ii) Provide verbal and written legal advice whenever necessary / or as and when requested;
  • iii) Attending contract negotiations, meetings and discussions either internally or externally to negotiate terms and conditions of contracts and other related issues where legal input or analysis is required;
  • iv) Evaluating, attending to and on resolving legal issues in contracts, business and operational guidelines, policies or procedures referred to by the Customers;
  • v) Attend any internal committee meetings set up by any divisions in the company to assess issues and risks associated with the provision of service by any divisions specifically for the Customers;
  • vi) Assist prepare any updates to the management on any corporate and legal matters or issues, as and when required;
  • vii) Assist organize and coordinate legal awareness programs within the company relating to existing laws, new laws, or any legal matter to ensure that company is aware of the legal impacts that may affect and to also assure is able to take proactive measures in ensuring compliance with the law;
  • viii) Other assistance / function includes (a) supporting any initiatives undertaken by the Division and (b) attending seminars or workshops related to law or other relevant areas, as well as development of leadership skill set in order to enhance legal knowledge and behavioral competencies.

    ix) To attend to any other task and assignment as directed by management from time to time.

  • x) Liaising with company's Panel of Solicitors and / or international legal specialist on issues of importance to the Customers;
  • Requirements :

  • Possess at least Bachelor Degree in Legal with LLB (Hons)
  • Special / Professional Certificate - Admitted to the Malaysian Bar (preferred)
  • Years of Experience - at least 1 year
  • Fields of Experience - Corporate and commercial law related works
  • Personality Traits - Pleasant personality, hardworking and patience, able to turn around work diligently, efficiently and in a timely manner
  • Able to work with minimal supervision
  • Knowledgeable with law, legal procedures and protocols, and cort system.
  • Satisfactory knowledge of day-to-day operations of a legal office.
  • Computer literacy
  • Able to juggle multiple activities and work under pressure
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