Principal Assurance Specialist
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, MY
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Primary Function :

Package Quality Assurance support at all stages; i.e. placement of order, manufacturing, product delivery and package closeout.

Task & Responsibility :

Work within the Project Quality Team and Package Management Team to ensure complete understanding of Project SOW, and specifically around product procurement.

Facilitate package Criticality Assessment and prepare Purchase Order Quality Requirements for each package.

Develop and implement the purchasing quality surveillance program and communicate with interested parties.

Develop and manage inspection budget.

Liaise with third party Inspection resource provider and selection of suitably experienced personnel for the scope.

Lead the procurement QA activities including review and endorse critical bidders and sub-suppliers lists after contract award, review supplier quality plans, inspection and test plans (ITPs) and procedures.

Coordinate the inspection program interface to ensure its effectiveness and within the budget. Coordinate inspector his assignments, monitor the inspection activities, review inspection reports and identify the need for inspection by the team.

Participate in reviews of Request for Quotation (RFQ) packages and Bid proposals. Provide an input in to the Technical Bid Evaluations (TBE).

Where necessary facilitate and lead Pre-Award / Post-Award audits of shortlisted suppliers / vendors.

Facilitate and conduct Pre-inspection Meetings (PIM) with suppliers, as required.

Conduct regular QC Meetings with suppliers to discuss any arising issues and drive timely resolution of such.

Provide an input in to overall project Audit Plan for Package Quality audits, as required.

Diligent management of release process. Ensure that products are released from suppliers with no outstanding Punch List items or unresolved NCRs.

Encourage progressive document submission, review and closeout with the aim of prompt package closeout post product delivery.

Follow the product all the way to receipt at McDermott’s facilities.

Assist PMT with package closeout and compilation of Lessons Learned. Provide an input into Supplier Performance Evaluation process.

Take time to ensure personal safety and recognize safety concerns for fellow team members, reporting potential safety issues and unsafe acts

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