Research Manager
Experian Information Solutions, Inc
Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Malaysia
4 hari yang lepas

Duties :

Responsible for recruitment,onboarding and development of Research Team members, who are at the core of ourbusiness operations.

  • Oversee the delivery of allreports (and / or researches), in accordance with production schedule and incompliance with requirements;
  • Responsible for capacityplanning and resource utilisation - ensure the optimum production of reportsand meeting volume target(s) set for the team;
  • Ensure the quality andcomprehensiveness of all reports through consistent reviewing, implementationand monitoring of appropriate strategy, methodologies and analysis protocols;
  • Ready to be hands-on inconducting researches and producing reports;
  • Manage re-investigationworkflow, including analyzing and resolving research issues promptly andaccurately;
  • Establish and maintain goodrelationship with core stakeholders, i.e. Resellers and Suppliers;
  • Prepare and present performanceof the Research Team on monthly basis and other periodic reports as and whenrequired to stakeholders / senior management.

    Lead projects that cover newclient pilot work - including resourcing, scheduling and research; working withtechnology and operations / QA teams in tandem towards successful delivery.

    Implement continuousimprovement initiatives on workflows and research methodology drivingefficiencies towards improved customer experience internally and externally.

    Ensure compliance of team to setBID / Experian standards.

    Carry out any ad-hoc functionsor jobs assigned by immediate superior.

    Stepin and up to manage BID operations in the absence of the HOD.

    Requirements :

  • Minimum of 5 years of industry / sector experience;
  • Inquisitive and sharp mind, in which able to demonstrate aptitudefor analyzing and interpreting data;
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Good written skills;
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office;
  • Proven supervision and people management experience;
  • Bachelor or advanced degree;
  • Previous experience in managing editorial production environmentsthat require attention to detail is crucial for contextual understanding andsuccess.

  • Must-have experience in using Quality Management Principles.
  • Experience of qualitative and quantitative research techniques and knowledgeof their application is preferred.

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