Systems Analyst
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Recruiter Zul

The experienced candidate requires a Masters in Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering, Management Science or related discipline with a focus on deterministic stochastic optimization modeling and programming.

Additional qualifications include

Solid operation research knowledge, especially Linear Programming LP , Mixed Integer Programming MIP , etc. Familiarity with commercial optimization linear program tools such as ILOG CPLEX , OPL , Concert .

Programming experience in C and LP solvers.

Knowledge of data base management systems, such as SQL Server, would be an added advantage.

Good understanding on supply chain management optimization, especially production planning etc. Strong problem solving and analysis skills Ability to identify root causes of problems and synthesizes effective practical solution approaches, implementing these solutions under the tactical pressure of producing a plan.

Committed and highly motivated team player with strong communication skill. Demonstrated work and familiarity with data mining and visualization tools.

Experienced on Applied Statistics

APICS certification and knowledge of decision support systems is a PLUS


Operations Research Engineers explore, design, develop, and apply engineering, mathematical models, simulation and optimization models to drive solutions to complex supply chain and manufacturing problems.


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