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About Standard Chartered

We are a leading international bank focused on helping people andcompanies prosper across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

To us, good performance is about much more than turning a profit. It's about showing how you embody our valued behaviours -

do the right thing,better together and never settle - as well as our brand promise, Here forgood.

We're committed to promoting equality in the workplace and creating aninclusive and flexible culture - one where everyone can realise their fullpotential and make a positive contribution to our organisation.

This in turnhelps us to provide better support to our broad client base.

The Role Responsibilities

As a security specialist in Country, directly responsible andaccountable for the following :

Security Policies and Procedures

  • Implement the agreed Security strategy for the Group within the Country to anticipate likely threats and ensure mitigation plans are in place.
  • Implement Group-wide policies, procedures and standards for the management of security risks on behalf of the Bank to mitigate adverse incidents and / or minimise the impact.
  • Assist direct and indirect reports and businesses with policy implementation to ensure compliance and ensure the safety of our staff and premises and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Threat Monitoring

  • Monitor and assess the security threats faced by the Country, advising senior management and other relevant stakeholders on their implications to ensure that pro-
  • active measures are taken to mitigate or minimise potential harm or loss to our people, information or property and assets.

  • Monitor all business travel within the Country to ensure staff travelling receive support and assistance when incidents occur.
  • Security Assessment and Review

    Implement and manage a security risk assessment and review programme inthe Country to ensure the timely identification of threats and thedevelopment of cost-

    effective security counter measures.

    Security Management

    Develop and implement a Country Security Management Plan to ensure thatsecurity threats are identified and suitably mitigated.

    Ensure that suitable security procedures are implemented for allproperties in country.

    Develop, implement and oversee, in conjunction with the guardingsupplier, a security training and exercising programme for the incumbentguard force.

    Ensure that access control provisioning is compliant with regulatoryrequirements and business needs.

    Ensure that CCTV provisioning, recording and data retention is compliantwith regulatory requirements and business needs.


    Ensure the Security Risk matrix works effectively.

    Develop appropriate responses to security risks and ensure earlyengagement of stakeholders.

    Ensure the appropriate and timely escalation to senior management of allaspects of Security relevant to the Bank’s operations so that they canplan appropriately and keep regulators appraised.

    Technical Assistance

    Provide advice and expertise on all security technology including accesscontrol CCTV and security alarms within the Country.

    Provide technical assistance to areas that do not have specialistSecurity management resources.

    Executive Protection

    Implement policies and standards within the Country for the personalprotection of at-risk staff members, including travel security and theprovision of protection plans for major corporate meetings and eventsto ensure the safety of our executives and staff and the ability for highlevel meetings to be held without disruption or compromise to the staff orinformation being discussed.

    Contingency Planning / Business Continuity

    Assist the BCM team with the testing of Country level contingency andcrisis management plans to ensure effective response in an emergency orcrisis.

    Promote best practice and high standards in contingency planning byassisting to develop and exercise plans for specific emergencies that mayaffect their area of responsibility to ensure an appropriate and effectiveresponse to major incidents.

    Advise Senior Management, Heads of Businesses and Functions on securityrelated decisions during emergencies (e.g. evacuation of staff and closureof businesses) and participate in Country Crisis Management Team(s).

    Matrix and Engagement

    Represent Security Risk as a member of the Crisis Management Team whenrequired. Offer professional opinion and advice when dealing with anincident as well as facts and solutions which will assist in managing thesituation as well and bring the incident to a speedy conclusion.

    Assist the Regional Head of Security on Security projects, bestpractice, cross-pollination of ideas and idea sharing, industry advancesand peer activities.

    Represent the Bank and the Security function at in country securityforums, including law enforcement / security service externalorganizations and intelligence forums.

    Migration of Security Policy and Best Practice

    Provide advice on the implications of security failures and otheroccurrences to promote the migration of best practice across geographicalboundaries and functions to ensure that best approaches possible to dealwith major incidents and emergencies are in place.

    Carry out the Country risk training programmes to raise overall securityawareness which will enhance our ability to deal with and respond tothreats and incidents.

    Conduct, with guidance and support from Regional Head of Security,on-going competitor related business sector and internal benchmarking toensure adequate and appropriate positioning of the security strategy.

    Delivering advice to management on the security implications of changes tolegislation within the Country to allow for compliance in line withregulatory requirements.

    Supply Partner Management

    Manage all security related supply partners under the Vendor ManagementFramework.

    Ensure close management of all Security Vendors are customer anddelivery focussed, live the Bank's values and Corporate Code of Conductand offer a positive customer experience.

    Assist in all RFP and Tender processes in line with Global SourcingPolicy.

    Ensure that all security vendors engaged meet local regulatory andlicensing requirements.

    Budgets and Project Management

    Budget and manage costs tightly to maximize efficiency, flexibility andproportionate security capability across the region.

    Ensure that Security aspects of projects are delivered on time andwithin budget to agreed standards.

    Anticipate and respond to expansion / change projects. Ensure supportfor planning and internal / external consulting and subsequent integrationof acquisitions for Security related matters.

    Project manage and deliver proportionate security within budget andwithout overspend.

    Ensure management and good governance of all Security Risk relatedcontracts in Country when local contracts are being established to ensurecorrect scope, capability and value for money as well ascorrect procurement practice.

    Operational Risk

    Set Security Risk B / GKCSs and KRI’s and ensure compliance. Wherecompliance failures occur, inform the Property Risk Manager and takeaction to mitigate them as a matter of urgency.

    Embed the use of the risk acceptance process across Regional countriesassisted by Country Security Responsible Person’s (RP’s), ensuring allrisks are appropriately assessed, risk rated and accepted bythe appropriate acceptance committee and FORTM

    Coordinate Due Diligence and Treat / Risks assessment for Property asrequired

    Ensure staff are appropriately skilled to carry out the duties placed onthem for implementing the risk management framework.

    Work to develop and stretch talent within the security team. Ensuresuccession planning is in place for key security roles.

    Audit, Compliance and other functions

    Ensure the Security Risk function is audit ready in Country.

    Act as the point of contact for Group Internal Audits includingassisting departments undergoing an audit when Security points are raised.

    Act as the point of contact to ensure that the Security Risk function isadhering to Bank and Regulatory Policy when applicable.

    Act as the point of contact for HR and ITO for all matters relating toSecurity Risk with region.

    Our Ideal Candidate

    General : Leadership of direct reports, project management, presentation,relationship management, interviewing, communication, interpersonal andbusiness management.

    Technical (Working Knowledge) : CCTV systems; intrusiondetection and access control technology; ballistic, blast and anti-

    banditsecurity; personal, vehicle and building security; electronic security;terroristand kidnap response and crisis management.

    Previous experience in a security management position essential.

    Holds a security related degree / diploma or other professional securityqualifications. A degree / diploma in another discipline acceptable with provensecurity management experience.

    Membership of recognised professional securitybodies, for example : American Society for Industrial Security is desirable.

    A strong analytical mind and an ability to write concise reports andplans

    An understanding of the financial services industry and a workingknowledge of major products and practices advantageous.

    A solid understanding of security systems and procedures.

    A strong grasp of regional politics and trends in world securityparticularly those concerned with political, terrorist or criminal instabilityaffecting the country.

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