General Inspector (GI)
PetroHorizon Sdn Bhd
Kuala Lumpur
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Job Description

Reporting : The position will report to Company Site Representative (CSR)

Responsibilities : GI is responsible for monitoring the QA / QC work at the substructure and topside fabrication site and is the project’s representative and focal point in all WHP QA / QC matters.

The GI’s responsibilities include :

  • Review and approve all relevant QA / QC documents submitted by contractor.
  • Performing pre-award or pre-qualification surveys, including a complete review of the contractors’ QA / QC program to meet OPSB’s requirements
  • Issue NCR and punch list as deem necessary throughout the project execution until handover.
  • Provide solution or recommendation to QAQC issues.
  • Review of the design, specifications, drawings and specified standards to assure compliance with the OPSB QA / QC and applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Ensuring correct material is being utilized throughout the project execution.
  • Ensuring all systems including piping, structural and E&I are fabricated and assembled in accordance with approved drawings and assembly details.
  • Processing of inspection and non-conformance reports for prompt resolution by contractor.
  • Perform formal equipment audits at the premises of subcontractor, manufacturer or sub-supplier.
  • Review contractors’ QA / QC acceptance criteria in accordance with applicable code / standard, engineering guides, specification and government regulations.
  • Inspect for any project deviation and take necessary corrective action in term of repair recommendation.
  • Ensure the traceability QC documents of vendors supplying equipment to the fabrication yard.
  • Develop a system to track contractors’ equipment as it goes from the original requisition to final installation, determining where the inspection need to be done and to what extent.
  • Coordinate with Marine Warranty Surveyor on QA / QC issues at onshore and offshore.
  • Review contractors’ QA / QC data collection management for all QA / QC related works.
  • Monitor contractors’ QAQC inspectors in performing the works as well as reports submission.
  • Ensure all equipment sent for offshore activities meet the technical requirements.
  • Ensure all the construction work done onshore and offshore are performed and inspected in compliance with the relevant specification and standard.
  • Ensure proper compilation of inspection reports, records, inspection test results and other data in contractors’ quality management system.
  • Be familiar with the relevant API, ASME, AWS, NACE, BS and other related standards, CLASS and other governmental regulations.
  • Ensure change management procedure for contractors’ QA / QC systems.
  • Ensure contractors provide corrective action to NCR with timely closure.
  • Ensure Mechanical Completion Certificate and Handover is based on criteria set by OPSB.
  • Submit relevant report from site to OPSB management on QA / QC issues.
  • Years of Experience

  • Minimum 8 Years in Oil & Gas
  • Minimum Qualification

  • High School or Diploma
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