Sales Executive , Supply Chain Solution
PracBiz Sdn Bhd
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
5 hari yang lepas
source : WOBB Sdn. Bhd.

Introduction PracBiz is the owner and operator of PracBiz Exchange (PBX), a digital B2B Supply Chain Management Portal serving the retail industries in Malaysia and Singapore.

We are also a Product and Systems Integrator in the Financial Services industry. We are looking for young and energetic sales professionals to acquire communities of buyers and sellers to operate on PBX.

This sales function essentially covers the areas of PBX Community sales and any other areas associated with the development of the PBX communities as may be assigned.

Areas of responsibility include identification of prospect names and opportunities within the existing customer base for appropriate sales closures.

Propose and present best possible solution to fit customer needs with highest returns and benefits to both customer and Pracbiz.

This will involve a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs, business opportunities and threats, across all business environments in our local operating marketplace.

Performance to be evaluated based on agreed financial and non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to the businesses managed.

General Responsibilities : -To continually scan the marketplace for new prospects and opportunities to capitalize as appropriate.

  • To ensure that a minimum number of prospect customers are maintained coupled with a targeted number of sales closures on monthly basis.
  • To prepare and make presentations to identified prospects for sales closure. -To take responsibility over the execution of legal agreements for all sales closures.
  • To work with other teams to ensure all sales closures are implemented in the most efficient manner and shortest possible time.
  • Ensure a profitable proposition by way of negotiation within a competitive pricing structure provided by the product team and generation of a strong and sustainable revenue stream.
  • This will include the demonstration of a comprehensive business case for the solution, defining product feature functionality and bottom-

    line impact.Relationship Management-To act as customer’s single point of contact for all products and services sold. Continually monitor customer requirements to ensure first opportunity to meet expectations and requirements to increase share of wallet.

    Financials Management-Discuss, agree and deliver on the financial results in accordance with the established sales targets.

  • Manage existing customer base for continued utilization and growth. -Contribute to the delivery of financial results both in respect of revenue and cost savings to optimize returns to Pracbiz.
  • Together with the respective Product Managers, work towards enhancing PBX to ensure continued growth of the community building business and achieve planned revenue and volumes projections.
  • To carry primary responsibility over budgeted new net revenues as agreed upon with management, thereby growing market presence and share.
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