Head of Investment Banking
BNP Paribas
Kuala Lumpur, MY
2 hari yang lepas

Key Responsibilities

  • Maintain and develop banking relationship with key clients of BNP Paribas.
  • Good understanding of clients banking needs and matching clients needs with relevant banking solutions.

    Grow and enhance BNP Paribas’ client franchise in Malaysia.

    Originate new corporate finance and corporate banking businesses.

    Provide banking solutions to corporate clients across a wide spectrum of banking products and services, covering loans, flows, advisory and capital markets fund raising.

    Constant client servicing and relationship building.

    Exemplary ambassador of BNP Paribas to clients, intermediaries and regulators.

    Mentor and trainer to junior members of the team on technical analysis and other execution matters.

    Ensure compliance with Bank’s policies / procedures and regulatory requirements in particular with regards to the KYC responsibilities and duties, as per relevant policies and procedures, and the summary of responsibilities list attached hereto.


  • Must initiate the KYC on boarding process and is responsible to collect the KYC data (with support of the Due Diligence Team ).
  • Is primarily responsible for ensuring that customer due diligence has been completed to a satisfactory standard, and is kept up-to-date.

    Makes an assessment whether starting a new relationship or maintaining an existing relationship with a customer is appropriate, in respect of the reputation and the money laundering / terrorist financing / sanctions / PEP risks, irrespective of the possible type of business the customer is currently doing or intends to do with the bank or other Financial Institutions.

    This assessment must be formalized in writing in the KYC package (qualitative SBO opinion describing the risks and their mitigates is mandatory in all cases).

    Uses the KYC scoring grid and his / her judgment to determine the sensitivity, assisted by the Due Diligence Team . He / she provides the Due Diligence Team with the knowledge / details they need when contacts with customers are required.

  • Submits the customers he / she qualifies as High Sensitive to the CAC (Customer Acceptance Committee) and provides the CAC with all information and documentation it may require;
  • and employs his / her best efforts to maintain a thorough knowledge of his / her customers from available documentary sources and regular direct contacts with them.

    To provide necessary feedback and assistance based on their understanding of the clients’ profiles / transaction to facilitate any investigation of alerts (pre-transaction screening).

    Is responsible to perform first level review of the AML Step 1 Reports ( EA1981 - Significant Transactions Report ; HH0001 -

    Sensitive Clients Transactions Report ; and FHB013 - List of the International Flows ), to provide sign-off on the review of all reports, to report any unusual or suspicious transactions / activities to Compliance, to provide necessary / required due diligence documentation and to attend to queries from Compliance (post-

    transaction monitoring).

    To perform Shariah Non-Compliant screening assessment on the client business activities during the client onboarding process for Islamic Banking Window (Shariah Compliant Screening).

    Ensure compliance with Bank’s policies / procedures and regulatory requirements, in particular with regards to the KYC responsibilities and duties (per Appendix attached).


  • Bachelor Degree in Finance, Accounting, Law, Business Studies of equivalent.
  • At least 15 years of working experience in the related field is required with solid understanding of the investment industry.

    Good Management and Leadership skills.

    Excellent organisation and project management skills.

    Have solid understanding of financial markets and be able to communicate at all levels, internally and externally.

    Outstanding communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.

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