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Single Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller for Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy System by Using ARM Based Embedded System

Full-time master / PhD student is required for the following project :

Details of the project are as follows :

The use of photovoltaic system has been increased in recent year. But, this power source is highly depended on the solar irradiation and it is unavailable during night time.

Thus, battery system is used to stable the energy supply during day time and supply the power during night time. Therefore, the design of battery charging and discharging system for the photovoltaic system is very important to the renewable energy sourc and also the grid stability.

Remunerations : Salary : 1500-2000

Requirements :

1. Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering or computer science with a minimum CGPA of 3.4 / 4.0 or equivalent.

2. Good command of English and Bahasa Melayu (Spoken and Written).

3. Good knowledge in computer programming especially FPGA or DSP microcontroller programming would be an added advantage.

The microcontroller will be used to implement the optimization / control algorithm on the battery management system for photovoltaic system.

4. Good knowledge in simulation software such as MATLAB / PSIM.

5. Good knowledge in PCB design for the hardware implementation.

6. Strong reporting and documentation skills.

Benefits :

1. Students has the opportunity to operate a grid connected photovoltaic system, DC-DC converter, DC-AC inverter and monitoring system.

2. Students is able to access well-equipped laboratory which has oscilloscope, power meter, soldering station, PCB fabrication equipment.

Interested candidates please reply to me to this email address : koksoon with your curriculum vitae.

Tey Kok Soon

Department of Computer System and Technology,

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology,

University of Malaya.

Contact Information : koksoon 31-05-2018

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