Intern Technical Engineering
Synopsys, Inc
MALAYSIA - Malaysia
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Job Description and Requirements

Job Description

Synopsys is the leader in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software industry. The EDA tools work together in a design flow that Integrated Circuit (IC) designers use to design and analyze entire semiconductor chips.

EDA software enables companies to design advanced ICs that go into a variety of products such computers, mobile phones, tablets, smart cars, IOT, AI and other electronic products.

In this job, graduate trainees(GT) will be trained on Synopsys software tools used in Logic Synthesis, Auto Place & Route, and Timing & Power Analysis for sign-

off. GT will also learn Linux environment and scripting (TCL and Perl). In addition to technical skills, soft skills such as effective communication, customer interaction, technical pre-

sales and presentation will also be taught to augment daily work. GT will interact with customers to understand how they use Synopsys software to design complex chips and to identify IC design challenges.

GT will involve in debugging complex issues and providing solutions to address customer challenges.


To join our graduate trainee program, you must be :

  • A fresh graduate of Electronic Engineering discipline from a university / institution with excellent academic credentials
  • Active in co-curriculum activities helming leadership roles
  • Articulate, with excellent written and communication skills
  • Quick-minded, open to change, and achievement-oriented
  • Resourceful and hardworking
  • Forward-thinking and willing to challenge cultural norms
  • Resilient and able to take up demanding tasks
  • Able to adapt in a fast-moving and dynamic environment
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